Keeping It 

At Jungle Bean, we provide a personalized browsing experience that perfectly mirrors in-store plant shopping. We acknowledge that each plant is its individual and the selection process must represent that truth.

We personally inspect each plant to check for pests, investigate them for new growths, and even narrow down their final size. Our hands-on approach weeds out the less-than-stellar quality plants from superior options. By providing an intricate selection process that highlights the uniqueness of each plant, we offer a better online shopping experience.

You can buy the perfect plants for your home with Jungle Bean.

Our Mission

Jungle Bean is the solution to poor quality plant products that are the standard for online plant stores. We’re different. We are on a mission to change the level of both convenience and quality of online plant shopping. Going beyond generic plant pictures and slow shipping times, our goal is to give you healthy, happy plants shipped on-time, delivering an experience you enjoy.

Our Story

2020 has been the year of lockdowns and online shopping. While most products are simple, convenient, and affordable to buy online, plant lovers have been met with expensive, poor quality products. Ultimately, buying plants on the internet has been a giant guessing game. Will the plant be the quality you’re expecting? Will it be healthy? Are there pests hitching a ride during the delivery process? Add to this the expensive costs of individual plants, it’s easy to see why most gardens have taken a hit this year. We were in your shoes. We decided to be the change we wanted to see.

So, we harnessed our knowledge of various plant breeds and set out to find the world’s best plant suppliers. Our suppliers had to meet our standards for quality and passion for superior customer service. Today, we enjoy strong connections with trustworthy plant suppliers who share the same values that set our company apart. Rest assured, when you shop at Jungle Bean, your plant will be even better than its picture, pest-free, and always affordable.

Our Founder

Kamille is the owner and founder of Jungle Bean. Her passion for arts and design, as well as her natural green thumb, inspired her to create a better way to buy plants online. Finding magic in creating something out of nothing became the foundation on which she built Jungle Bean. Watching plants grow, sprout foliage, and transform has long been a source of inspiration in her private and professional life. To Kamille, plants are nature’s living art that keeps on giving. Through Jungle Bean, she brings this living art right to your doorstep.